This could be from your Auto Top-up's. Were you using the autobid feature? Click here!


What's an Auto Top-up? Glad you asked.


With the Auto Top-up feature enabled, you can enjoy a seamless bidding experience and let Auto Top-up take care of the credits for you. Once your account falls below a certain level of credits, (see Term 6.9.4 T&Cs) the Auto Top-up feature will automatically top it up with 300 credits! Please note: 29.99 GBP will be charged to your bank account. It will also give you the 5th credit package for free!


Auto Top-up, initially, has a 100.00 GBP cap to stop each day. Please see the Terms & Conditions for the Auto Top-up cap.


Auto Top-up is only activated by the user and can only be activated by:

A) Ticking the box when you put in your contact information.

B) Choosing Auto Top-up whilst participating in an auction.

C) Choosing Auto Top-up when purchasing a credit package.

If you wish to disable this feature at a later stage, you can do so in the Auto Top-up section of your “My Madbid” settings page or simply click on this link:

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